Get a Kit

Be Informed
  • Talk to Your People
    • Use newsletters, intranets, staff meetings and other internal communications tools to communicate emergency plans and procedures.
  • Be Informed
    • Know which types of emergencies might affect your business
  • Involve Co-Workers
    • Delegate planning tasks among your co-workers.
  • Promote Preparedness
    • Encourage your employees and their families to: Build a Kit, Make a Plan, Be Informed.
  • Support Employee Health
    • People who have experienced a disaster may have special recovery needs.
Get Involved


The partnership between public health and businesses is vital. During an emergency, public health departments require help from several different sources. Businesses are one of those sources. They have the much needed resources that public health departments are unable to provide in a large capacity during an emergency: people, space, and security.

With Closed PODs CDPH has a better chance of reaching 100% of the population in 48 hours.

Printable Closed POD Flyer

Benefits of Closed PODs
  • Employees and their familiesí will receive medication quickly.
  • Under closed POD agreements, your business will be able to stay open and function during an emergency.
  • A Closed POD will reduce the number of residents coming to public PODs, therefore decreasing the strain on them and ensuring effective emergency response.
Closed PODs and public PODs are similar in their layout and identical in their goal: to give medication to people within 48 hours of an emergency.

3 Easy Steps
  1. Sign up to become a Closed POD. Contact Patrick Cusick at 216-664-4135 or
  2. Create a dispensing plan with the help of The Cleveland Department of Public Health.
  3. Distribute medication to your employees and their families during a health emergency while decreasing the burden on public PODs.
Remember, how quickly your company recovers following an emergency depends on your actions today. Be proactive!Make your own business emergency plans and test them. The CDPH Office of Emergency Preparedness can help you get started. For more information email or call 216-664-4135

Other Downloadable Materials
  • Computer Inventory Form
  • Ready Business Brochure
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