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The Cities Readiness Initiative
City of Cleveland
City of Cleveland

The Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) is a government effort created to increase bioterrorism awareness in the nation's larger cities. The CRI creates plans that support the mass distribution of medicine to all of the population within 48 hours of a decision to do so.

The City of Cleveland was chosen to be in the CRI program based on certain information that looked at a city's population and vulnerability to a bioterrorist attack. There are a total of 72 cities in the nation that participate in the CRI program.

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The Cities Readiness Initiative is built on the ability to respond to an anthrax attack. In this event, the entire community will receive medicine within 48 hours. This timeline was created to meet the guidelines for anthrax exposure and the distribution of medicine. Other medications and actions would come after the first treatment.

Click here to watch a CDC webcast featuring Cleveland as a CRI city