Air Quality

Permitting Section
The permitting section prepares and issues permits to stationary sources of air pollution (including power plants, gas stations, incinerators, and other fixed sources of air pollution. Permits are required to be obtained before construction begins, and to operate the source. The permits developed by the permitting section apply federal, state and local laws to control air pollution from regulated sources.
  1. Applications and forms (Permit to Install/Operate, Emission Activity Category form, etc)
  2. City Permits
    1. Instructions
    2. City Permit Application
  3. Asbestos
    1. Notification Form and Instructions
    2. Fact sheets
      1. Asbestos Program Transition from the Ohio Department of Public Health
      2. 2016 rev What Landfill need to know Asbestos Rules
      3. 2016 rev What Municipalities Asbestos Removal Rules
      4. What Asbestos Removal Contractors Need to Know
    3. Regulations
      1. 40 CFR 61
      2. 29 CFR 1926.1101
      3. OAC 3475-20
      4. QAC Rule 3745-22
    4. For more information pertaining to asbestos and Ohio EPA Click Here!
    5. U.S. EPA asbestos website
  4. Open burning
    1. Application
    2. City of Cleveland - Fact sheet
    3. Cuyahoga County - Fact sheet
    4. City of Cleveland - Open Burning Aircode
    5. State of Ohio - Open Burning Aircode
  5. Sand Blasting
    1. Application
  6. Regulations & Ordinances
    1. Federal Code of Federal Regulations
    2. State Ohio Administrative Code
    3. Local Cleveland Ordinances
  7. Other references
    1. USEPA Technology Transfer Network
    2. Stack Testing
    3. Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention (OCAPP)