203.06 Lot Drainage - Stagnant Water
(a) Every person owning or having possession, charge or control of any cellar, excavation, yard, court, lot or area where water stands or accumulates shall drain the same or cause the same to be drained. Whenever the premises containing such cellar, excavation, yard, court, lot or area abuts upon a street containing a public sewer, such water shall be conducted into such sewer. Nothing herein shall prevent the construction or maintenance of a pool or fountain if such is constructed and provided with drainage in accordance with law, and if the water in such pool or fountain does not become stagnant.

(b) No person shall allow any water from any well, spring, fire plug, hydrant or other place over which he has control, to run so that it forms a stagnant pool or mud hole, on his premises or on land under his control, or in any street or other public grounds or abutting lands. (Ord. No. 511-76. Passed 6-14-76, eff. 6-18-76)