Cancer Prevention & Control
Many factors can affect your risk for cancer—everything from what you eat and drink to how you live and where you work. Many of the risks factors for cancer can be prevented or controlled. For example:
  • Tobacco and Cancer
  • Smoking is the most preventable cause of death in our society. For more information about tobacco use and exposure, including resources to help you or a loved one quit smoking.

  • Sun Safety
  • The sun’s UV rays cause the vast majority of skin cancers including melanoma, which can be life-threatening. Visit the American Cancer Society’s American Cancer Society’s website to learn who’s at high risk and how to protect yourself.

  • HPV and Cervical Cancer
  • One of the best and most proven steps that a woman can take to prevent a cancer is to have a Pap test. Learn more about Women’s Health Services offered by the Cleveland Department of Public Health.

  • Environmental Carcinogens
  • The American Cancer Society’s website has information about environmental factors (such as smoking, diet, sun exposure, and infectious diseases, as well as chemicals and radiation in our homes and workplaces) that can increase your risk for cancer.

Resources for learning more about cancer: