Communicable Disease Surveillance & Epidemiology

The Office of Communicable Disease Surveillance & Epidemiology (OCDSE) is responsible for reducing the incidence of communicable disease in the City of Cleveland through prevention, surveillance, and outbreak control.

What is a communicable disease?

A communicable, or infectious, disease is an illness spread by coming in contact with an infected someone or something. Bacteria, viruses, and parasites are the most common organisms causing communicable disease. These illnesses can be passed from person (or animal) to person through direct contact with body fluids, ingesting contaminated food or water, breathing contaminated air, or by the bite of an infected animal.

What diseases are reported?

In Ohio, there are more than 90 reportable illnesses, such as salmonellosis, legionella, HIV, and others. View the entire list of reportable diseases in Ohio here. To report a disease please fill out the form below and send it to the contact information below. Ohio Confidential Reportable Disease Form.

Who reports communicable diseases?

According to the Ohio Administrative Code, section 3701-3, all laboratories are required to report all positive lab results. Physicians and other health professional are required to report all positive and suspect cases. Reports are made to the local health district where the patient lives. All information reported is kept confidential.

What information does the health department collect and why?

Specific information regarding the history of disease, such as symptom onset, treatment and recent activity is helpful to the disease investigator in understanding disease impact to the patient and to the community. Analysis of collected information can aide in identifying links and trends between disease outbreaks and sources of infection. Investigations provide ideal opportunities for public health experts to educate those infected and those at-risk for illness on disease transmission and prevention.
Contact us:

Office Hours:
Monday Friday
8:00am 4:30pm

Mailing Address:
Cleveland Department of Public Health
Division of Health OCDSE Epidemiology
75 Erieview Plaza, Third Floor
Cleveland, OH 44114-1839

Main Office Number:
216-664-EPIS (3747)

After-Hour Emergency Hotline:
In case of a Life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

For After Hours Communicable Disease Emergencies or Public Health Emergencies only, please call 216-857-7473. A staff member is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This hotline should be used to report Class A diseases, communicable disease outbreaks, and any other urgent communicable disease matter or public health emergency occurring outside of our normal business hours.