Communicable Disease Surveillance & Epidemiology
The Office of Communicable Disease Surveillance & Epidemiology (OCDSE) is responsible for reducing the incidence of communicable disease (not including tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV/AIDS) in the City of Cleveland through prevention, surveillance, and outbreak control. The ongoing goals of the OCDSE include the following:

Communicable Disease Surveillance and Control
  • Conduct surveillance for over 90 diseases
  • Investigate disease outbreaks and recommend control measures
  • Conduct syndromic surveillance activities
  • Produce data reports and conduct special epidemiological studies
Communicable Disease Policy and Coordination
  • Set policies and make procedure recommendations for department activities related to communicable diseases
  • Interpret and enforce state and federal laws and regulations
  • Interface with other local, state, and federal agencies and programs concerned with public health
Communicable Disease Training and Education
  • Serve as a consultant to the medical community on issues of communicable diseases
  • Provide professional education to doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals
  • Provide general education to the community and community based organizations
  • Proactively educate and address concerns and inquiries of the news media on communicable diseases
Emergency Preparedness
  • Develop epidemiological plans and guidelines for public health emergencies such as, bioterrorism and pandemic influenza
Disease Reporting Brochure