Maternal and Child Health
Maternal and Child Health is a program area that focuses primarily on birth data and outcomes as well as mortality data for infants and children. Because maternal (mother) care is directly related to the birth of the child, how a mother takes care of herself before, during and after the pregnancy is included. One of the most important areas for monitoring and comparison relates to the health of a vulnerable population: infants and children.

In 2015, Your Story on Film, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Health, Cuyahoga County Board of Health, and NEON, began to tell the story of infant mortality, its impact, its root causes and its solutions. One Life debuted in April, 2016.

Women's Health Services

All women should maintain regular medical check-ups, screenings, and appointments to decrease risks of problems with their health. Be sure to contact your medical provider or click here to locate women’s health services in the City of Cleveland.

Promoting the Health of Moms and Children

In partnership with Cleveland's Action 19 News, the Cleveland Department of Public Health launched a campaign to promote maternal and child health. Click on the link below to view the commercial: