Air Quality

About CDAQ
The Cleveland Division of Air Quality (CDAQ) is the air pollution control agency serving Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. CDAQ is contracted with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to enforce state and local air pollution control regulations within its jurisdiction.

Ambient Air Monitoring, Enforcement, and Permitting are the three sections of CDAQ that work together to improve the quality of life in Cuyahoga County, allowing Greater Cleveland to be a desirable place to live, visit and work.

Ambient Air Monitoring Section:

The ambient air monitoring section of the Division of Air Quality (CDAQ) operates a network of ambient air monitors throughout Cuyahoga County. The network measures "criteria pollutants". The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses six “criteria pollutants” as indicators of air quality, and has established for each of them a maximum concentration above which adverse effects on humans may occur. The threshold concentrations are known as the National Ambient Air Quality Standards. Individuals may also participate in the monitoring process through the CDAQ’s Citizens Air Monitoring Program, Click Here!

Enforcement Section:

The enforcement section ensures compliance of industrial and commercial air pollution sources within Cuyahoga County that are regulated by Ohio EPA. The Enforcement section responds to citizen complaints regarding outdoor air quality; inspects regulated sources; and regulates asbestos abatement and demolition activities in Cuyahoga County for sources that are subject to the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for asbestos.

Permitting Section:

The permitting section prepares and issues permits to stationary sources of air pollution (including power plants, gas stations, incinerators, and other fixed sources of air pollution. Permits are required to be obtained before construction begins, and to operate the source. The permits developed by the permitting section apply federal, state and local laws to control air pollution from regulated sources.