Office of Minority Health:

The Role of Health Literacy in Predicting Multiple Healthcare Outcomes Among Hispanics in a Nationally Representative Sample: A Comparative Analysis by English Proficiency Levels,
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The goal of the Cleveland Office of Minority Health (COMH) is to identify local health disparity needs with an emphasis on informing, educating and empowering at risk communities. The office is responsible for activating efforts to educate citizens and professionals on imperative health care issues and seeks to provide minority health data and technical assistance to local agencies working to improve the health status of minority populations. The Cleveland Office of Minority Health will work with private and public partners to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our collective efforts. image

The Cleveland Office of Minority Health is funded through generous support from the Ohio Commission on Minority Health. The Cleveland Office of Minority Health is housed in the Cleveland Department of Public Health and is part of a national initiative to localize the concept of racial and ethnic health equity.

Why We Are Needed:

Cleveland is a city well known for ethnic diversity and a unique blend of rich cultural heritages. Within the city limits are neighborhoods that are distinct in that residents take care to preserve cultural and ethnic identities.

Cleveland has much to offer in the way of diversity, but despite the strengths of these differences, minorities still face a number of disadvantages and inequalities when it comes to health and healthcare.

What We Do:

The Cleveland Office of Minority Health seeks to serve as a “clearinghouse” for the coordination of community health efforts targeting Cleveland’s African-American/Black, Asian, Hispanic/Latino and Native American populations.

The Office’s priorities in its first year include:
  • Coordinating and overseeing the Ohio Commission on Minority Health’s activities in Greater Cleveland
  • Enhancing data collection and reporting on minority health in Cleveland
  • Identifying and addressing local health disparity needs
  • Mobilizing the community to collaborate on minority health related issues
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